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I'm a bit fed up of Twitter but I keep using it.

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Oops, I'm flooding the timeline maybe. 👀

If someone from Spain tells you “I'm a VOX voter” or anything alike… RUN. Seriously. Whenever you get the chance, RUN.

I'm beginning to toot more and tweet less. And now that I've heard myself say this, it literally sounds cool to me. It doesn't sound cool in Spanish, though. It would be something like “tootear más y tuitear menos.” Nope, not as cool as in English. Whatever.

I think I'm constantly getting off the subjects I talk about. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Oh, by the way. If someone is learning Spanish and wants to improve it over here, I can help I guess.

Someone wrote the word “handy” over here and I've read “hardy.” Tom, why are you like this? Well, obviously I'm gaily rumbling here.

It's been such a while since the last time I ate lasagna. I like it, though. So, that being said… don't hate me for that, please. :rainbow_poop:

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PSP nostalgia Show more

Some people still think I should feel afraid of being myself. What a bunch of jerks.

By the way, Jameela is so pretty, she's amazing.

Context, eye contact Show more

Damn, he's so handsome, his look is intense, and that beard… ok, ok, I'm keeping my gayness quiet now. :rainbow_poop:

I was seeing a short interview to Jameela Jamil when suddenly Tony Shalhoub appeared behind her and I got like… 👀

I like Tony Shalhoub a lot. That's it, I said it.

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🚨 Alert! 🚨

I am very gay and want to do smooches. That is all.

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Sorry for the bad posts. I'll do better.

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