I do not know why "triceratops" became a thing I do. I didn't think about it, it just happened one day.

I thought that the "Trudeau is Fidel Castro's son" thing was a meme.

It takes witnessing a dog-pile on social media to discover that people do, in fact, take it extremely seriously.

NHS England seeking trans/non-binary advisors 

NHS England is seeking "Independent Members of the Programme Board for Gender Dysphoria Services", with an anticipated time commitment of twelve days across one year, reimbursed at Β£150 per day, plus reasonable expenses.

"The role of the PPV partner is to ensure that the independent voice and experience of trans and non-binary people in using specialised gender identity services and other general health services informs the strategic direction of NHS England and NHS Improvement’s work and the eventual outcomes"


β€’ A strong commitment to helping NHS England and NHS Improvement commission NHS services with a particular focus on quality, outcomes and the patient experience; and to bring that focus into the work of the Programme Board

β€’ Current or past experience of using or accessing specialised gender dysphoria services as a service user; and an insight into the challenges that the Programme Board seeks to address

β€’ A good understanding of the background to the work of the Programme Board, and the complex wider landscape (social; political; economic) in which the work takes place

β€’ A good understanding of the sustainability challenges to the NHS generally."

Applications close on Sun, 17 Jan 2021.


I got asked a sexual question 

I just got asked if gay people masturbate. :thinkhappy:

Thank the lord above I'm done with my semester coursework.

When I got 14 my voice basically stopped. So here I am an 18 year old and even when I'm the oldest in the call I'm confused for the youngest. 😞

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We hold this flag with pride. We hold their names in love.

Today we remember all the trans, nonbinary and gender diverse people we’ve lost this year.

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Such a great idea: so happy to be your student

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@wcruz73@twitter.com My school put out 350 flags in front of our building to rep trans people who have been lost. I'm so proud to teach History at my school. @HistUnErased@twitter.com

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The Internet Archive have added a WebAssembly-based Flash emulator to their emulation suite, and are preserving 2000s-vintage Flash games, playable in a modern HTML5-capable browser:


History, Politics 

When Mississippi and white supremacist landlords tried to tear down a black mayor, it was the Daily World (now People's World) an affiliate of the Communist Party who was at the journalistic forefront to stop it.


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This week the CYM are commemorating Transgender Awareness Week, an annual weeklong celebration leading up to Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20th honouring victims of transphobic violence.

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You think people online are weird? One of the most committed allies in my school two years ago was a serious, committed, debating flat earther.

It's International Men's Day!

Hello, fellow men!!

Things that are good about teh menz:

* Trans men
* Showing emotional vulnerability
* When we stand up for others with less gender privilege
* Being good role models for boys

Things that we need to work on:

* Toxic masculinity

All toughness all the time isn't sustainable!

To reinstall Morrowind or not to reinstall Morrowind. That is the question.

Games literally the same age as me but alas.

Crossposting would actually require me to be active on Twitter. Which I continuously fail to do. πŸ˜”

Back in the day, everyone was very excited about furbies because they had some kind of very clever engineering, we were told. This turned out to be how the ear control was done, but what people were excited about was the AI.

You may recall that furbies "learn" english, gradually switching from their own gibberish to recognisable words. Obviously, this incredible skill wouldn't how up first in a toy, but there was a load of hype and I should have known better but didn't. The US state department, also concerned about this, banned them from entering sensitive spaces in case the furbies learned state secrets and that's what made me believe.

So I got one with the goal of only speaking to it in esperanto. It quickly became clear that it just switches between pre-computed sounds, but I still thought it was cool, so threw it in my car for a road trip to Oregon - about 12 hours of driving.

It was in a non-reachable space and every time the car went over a bump, it turned on and started talking. By the time we arrived, the batteries were dead. I never replaced them.

To make up for the extreme low stakes of this story, I'll give you a link to the furby organ. youtube.com/watch?v=GYLBjScgb7


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