I have made cookies, because that seems like the appropriate thing to do when you have thoughts like that.

I feel like I’m in a Kubrick film after he’d binged too many soap operas. :/

Okay, who used the drimmel last? And why was it not put back in the damned case?

First two dogs colored, so there’s that. Still not sure what I think of them.

My father also took a stab at reading the book I wrote, but it was “too complicated”. That’s all I’ll hear about that, which should be less disheartening at my age than it is.

I’d like to say that I’m not still upset about the older relative, but I am. I grew up with this idea in my head of them being the most forward thinking, liberal adult while I was growing up. Maybe they were. But maybe the bar was so low in the first place it only seemed like that. It felt like a last-hope-ember I should have left to memory versus filling that memory with what they said the other day.

Logic for the next part all sussed. And one more dog piece.

I feel worse than before I tried to reach out. I guess that’s just going to be the way of things. :/ Live and learn.

Older relative bingo is “fun”. Certain hedging phrases are always followed by something awful, and I’m so tired of it.

I should stop trying to repair clothes I’m wearing without taking them off. -.-

Whelp, dev enviro set up full on the big box. Still need to coordinate some of the keys, but that doesn’t really matter until I start defining repos and such. No more dogs over the last couple of days.

I wonder if there isn’t a generational swing to the point of fantasy and sci-fi in the public consciousness. We have the realistic problems hit with an abstraction layer and then on the other side escapism and satire to the point of stereotype. This swings wildly back and forth from the beginning of the genre, and there seem to be exceptions to the general rule with the same four items in play in different varieties.

I have two more dog arts to show you, but I’m stuck on a couple of odd thoughts.

The cat normally stays out of the bathtub, which is why she had an adventure (and a very short shower). Sorry, Spaz.

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