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I fucking hate people. This is just like birdsite, huh?

I'm just cluttering up the local feed during the hour, so feel free to ignore.

I think I'm a shit writer, but I I assume that's the standard, but I'm also arrogant enough to think that I'm better than some of the shit that has gotten popular, so that's basically where we're at.

I jest, but my fantasy setting is no better. The unwary meet a swift end.

I have another character in a post-crypto cyber unit. It's not fun. It's her last days on permutation, based on a nightmare.

Still tripping on the whole "off-world" thing. I have no idea what to do with her. I thought she'd die by now.

The interaction on page 94 near the end has to do with a previous beer purchase. There's a whole "do you belong" schtitck going. And not well.

Im gonna pull the last five pages instead of the last two though. I seem to have a five page stream.

I don't think I'm ready for the next stint at the typewriter, but I never am and I didn't want to write this one in the first place.

I know I have a stint as a burrito server ahead of me, but there's something after that but I just don't see it, and I need more than dragging up my retail past to write this.

I have a cast of characters. A great setting. A good character. But she's paralyzed by choice on a new planet after a delve into the worst hers has to offer. She has to find a job to live. And she didn't do too super back on her joke planet in her career, so we're looking entry level.

Nope I got nothing. This is imminently frustrating.

I'm pretty sure few care about this but me, but fuck... I've been through this for too many years to not have a proper ending.

I'm reading page 93 and 94 of my novel and wonder where to go from here.

I need no less than four or five architectural styles to moosh together and make semi cohesive.

This is gonna take more than a couple creative attempts until I have what I want.

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