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Thank you so much for the help on blocking. With your help, I figured out how to block by clicking on someone's profile when it's in my feed. But when someone shares a link to another user's profile with me, it opens in a new tab and I am still having trouble blocking from those links. They open in a new tab instead of in the multicolumn view and there is no menu icon (three dots). Here is a screenshot. How can I block when I'm on this page?

@Amoo I search for these in the Search box and then open their profile from there by clicking on their avatar image.

For this one, the search would be "@federationbot", as shown under the user/bot profile name.

Why: When they open in a new tab (or window) it doesn't carry your logged-in session data over, so the new URL doesn't see you as signed in.

There may be an easier way, but I don't know what it is. I would actually be interested to know, but I suspect it may just be awkward like that.

@Amoo Hey Amy, as what @clover said. I believe all you can do in such situation is to search for the username like "". And if you search only for the username "@federationbot" you may get multiple results. But it's all up to you. ;)

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