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A convenient gender-neutral way to address a group of people is “foolish mortals”

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Thank you so much for the help on blocking. With your help, I figured out how to block by clicking on someone's profile when it's in my feed. But when someone shares a link to another user's profile with me, it opens in a new tab and I am still having trouble blocking from those links. They open in a new tab instead of in the multicolumn view and there is no menu icon (three dots). Here is a screenshot. How can I block when I'm on this page?

Hi, I'm to . I've been registered here for a few days but haven't tooted yet. I will do my in a future toot, but for now, I still haven't figured some important things out yet, such as blocking, and could use some . How do I someone? Is there a way to block an entire instance/domain? When I am on someone's profile I don't see a block button. Thanks :)

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