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Just a toot to say that online flirt is totally ok with me.

And I'm looking for that, tbh.

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Some of my contacts:
Art account: @Artmejisuto7
Birdsite: Amejisuto7
Discord: Amejisuto7#0524
Telegram: AmejiBoy7

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Hi! My name’s Aloïs, I’m a french gay trans guy. Bear and furry trash 😁

I am also an electronic music composer and I draw things sometimes.

I love old video games from the 90’s, bodmod, cars and coffee 🤷🏻‍♂️

Don’t hesitate to come to me, I am a friendly teddy bear 🧸

Genital shitpost 


What to do when one of your special interests is cars

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Guilt speech just gain you a block from me. Sorry not sorry.

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Ah non hein. On va pas passer les vacances de noël à avoir un peintre qui refait tout l'appartement. ça va vraiment me faire chier.

Ass posting | Lewd and maybe gross? 

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Je veux des films où une meuf trans pas specialement jolie ni mince merde, n'est pas patiente avec sa famille, répond aux agressions par de la vegeance mesquine, ne prends pas sur elle, fait de la merde.. Et à la fin elle survit, et même ça va mieux et pourquoi pas un happy ending. Je veux ce que tout le monde a.

Recherche d'emploi | Rant 

1h à me parler de la pluie et du beau temps jpp

Great, I succeed to put a jewel on my daith piercing. I didn't lose it. :blobthumbsup:

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Once again, I have to get up early to have some annoying boomers in my appartment to re-do the walls' painting.
It's like this since a week and I start to freak out.

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Adult content - ghost hands 

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FR meta | neg 

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