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Some of my contacts:
Art account: @Artmejisuto7
Birdsite: Amejisuto7
Discord: Amejisuto7#0524
Telegram: AmejiBoy7

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Hi! My name’s Aloïs, I’m a french gay trans guy. Bear and furry trash 😁

I am also an electronic music composer and I draw things sometimes.

I love old video games from the 90’s, bodmod, cars and coffee 🤷🏻‍♂️

Don’t hesitate to come to me, I am a friendly teddy bear 🧸


I think I will continue Celeste today. It’s all your fault, people I follow

Hello everyone. Have a nice Tuesday ☕️

I can’t stand hearing my bf snoring like a wounded pig, omg. He’s like 10m from me and it’s unbearable.

fact: pigeons are beautiful and good friends

And today Aloïs discovered the Celeste B side OST was in iTunes

Trans culture is when someone posts « Are there any transsexuals in [random country]? I need help please »
And the answers are much more about debating the use of « transsexual » than answering their ask for help.

dating | genital 

I think I should stop my investment in my association. I’m too far away, I can’t be there, they want to limit emails interaction, I feel extremely useless, my only words when I go are « hello » and « goodbye »

So... yeah.

Controversial opinion on the Fediverse 

Hello everyone. Have a nice Monday ☕️💜

lewd | dream 

lewd | very controversial dream I just had 

remember everyone, when protests align with US interests they are "pro-democracy" and when they dont they are "anti-democracy". hope this helps!

Having specific interests everyone doesn’t give a single fuck ✅

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