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Covid talk 

We aren't removing speed limits, privacy laws, or asbestos regulations because those are put in place for safety. Why would we remove the vaccine/mask mandates?

Youd figure after 32 years this song would be less commonly relevant but here we are....

r/traa post, may contain sensitive content (without image description) 

Perfectly accurate

Cold weather 

-42 that's pretty much the same in Celsius as Fahrenheit. The highways are all closed. Aaaaaaaaand I still have to go to work and the kidsstill have to go to school. This brought to you by the government whose covid response is: I'm grumpy about it so I don't wanna. I'm gonna pretend it's not here until it cuntil it kills everyone that thinks it is.

okay i'm about to start sewing the rest of the patches onto the etsy coat!!!!!

here's a sneak peek

the final product will be like this but with one more patch and a studded collar

Yeah I know what ratification is

It's when people are transmogrified into rats

My kid just said
Frick Monday! Everything is bad except cute cat videos and food.

Okay. Today is going to happen. Nothing to do but make it good. Let's go folx
......yes, this is me trying to convince myself to get out of bed for the third hour in a row

Forthcoming book, a trove of notes from Douglas Adams and his many projects 

Unbound has a (funded) project that might be of interest to a few folk..


By Douglas Adams, edited by Kevin Jon Davies

The wildly improbable ideas of Douglas Adams"

"A book for all fans of Douglas Adams offering a unique insight into his life and work.

After his death in 2001, Douglas Adams's papers were loaned to his old Cambridge college, St John's – over 60 boxes full of notebooks, research, letters, scripts, jokes, speeches, to-do lists, hard drives and even poems.

The book will reproduce in facsimile form extracts from the archive with explanatory text and footnotes to add context. Developed in close association with Adams’s family and literary estate, 42 will be a full-colour, large-format hardback that follows his career from early collaborations with Graham Chapman to his work on Doctor Who, through the Hitchhiker years, Dirk Gently, his groundbreaking non-fiction book Last Chance to See and his later digital work. Alongside this are details of projects that never came to fruition like a proposed theme park ride and a TV series provisionally entitled The Secret Empire."

Please tell me it isn't always going to feel like this

asking for money help, please boost :boost_ok: 


i need $70 for groceries and $70 for medical weed ($140 total)

i've been doing freelance video editing (portfolio and contact info below) but that alone isn't enough to keep me afloat. i'm also in the process of opening up my own etsy shop!

i have to work from home because i have asthma and catching covid is a major health risk for me




if you're interested in hiring me to video edit, my portfolio and contact info can be found at verticallyalignedcarbonnano.tu

thank you so much for saving my life multiple times and continuing to keep me alive, fediverse!!! :blacker_heart_outline: :black_sparkles_outline:

#MutualAid #TransCrowdFund

Mutual aid request please boost 🖤
My best friend and their fiancée have been struggling as they are working toward securing disability support for their mental health.


holding a thought i want to say in my mind and waiting to be able to say it

is like holding an egg in a spoon and trying not to drop it

here's the trenchcoat so far

idk what to call this except "absolutely badass"

Poll for only Millennials :please_boost: 

We're currently talking about "participation trophies" that "all" Millennials got and personally - I'm 34 and therefore a mid-Millennial - have never gotten or even seen one, so what about you? I've also only ever seen American Boomers talk about it so here's a poll.
(I'll respond to this toot with the results after the poll is done, I don't have a "show results" option left)

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