tempering my toxic negativity by also being toxically positive

I don't agree with all of #Firefox 's upcoming UI changes, but I can still appreciate #fox #art when I see it.

Source: header of community.mozilla.org/en/campa
(Also… foxfooding? I get it's a spoof of 'dogfooding', but other thoughts come to mind.)


wish i had more close platonic relationships anyways here's a sports bra selfie

When building a vacuumeow tube amplifier, don't forgot to inspect the insulation of the power transformeow.

#electronics #mastocat #catstodon #cat #cats #caturday

why are people calling me honky, my tits aren't even that big?

rabbi with the tea kettle, what's he brew

selfie, eye contact, boost ok 

I'm cute :blob_cat:

Retoot because I messed up

@nakedambition that type of connection and understanding is so important. I'm so glad you are both there.

@Adriftinme it took work to get here. She's not touch oriented like I am. But I think she realizes now how much of a difference a few minutes of cuddling & caressing makes to my happiness πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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