Cold weather 

-42 that's pretty much the same in Celsius as Fahrenheit. The highways are all closed. Aaaaaaaaand I still have to go to work and the kidsstill have to go to school. This brought to you by the government whose covid response is: I'm grumpy about it so I don't wanna. I'm gonna pretend it's not here until it cuntil it kills everyone that thinks it is.

Food. Nom nom 

Moroccan inspired fish stew with pearl couscous and and crumbled cheese

Complaining about weather 

Between this ridiculousness and Covid, I'm never leaving the house again. -40Β°C = -40Β°F

Cdating during covid joke 

Forget dick-pics or head-shots. Send me a negative covid test result and a proof of vaccination.

Homemade food. Mmmmmmm 

Made sweet and savory crepes.
The long rolls are asparagus and truffle cheddar with truffle cheddar/parmesano reggiano sauce on top.
The others are cinnamon apple stuffed crepes with whipped cream.

Need help. Abusive ex. 

My abuse ex will not leave me alone. She has blocked me on social media but continues to email me. She has threatened my kids. If anyone can make her stop. Please do.

Eye contact. Cat 

"Look you" he says, "I'm snuggly and you are never getting the couch back"

Eye contact. Sexy. Tongue 

Omg my girlfriend is fucking best

Kink. Kitty. Dom. Giggles. 

I have the best sub ever. She is my cute pet. *pats head*

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