Sexual wording poll What do you use fluid-bonded or barrier-free sex to mean? 

It might be the prevalent idea but, seeing the term "barrier-free sex" (meaning not using gloves, dental dams, condoms, etc for vaginal, anal, or oral) as a deeper or more bonded relationship than those using barriers or not engaging in sex is ridiculous. There are many ways to connect and many levels of connection.
I think there is the misnomer that if people are having barrier-free sex, that their connection is deeper. It's not. Their responsibility to themselves and their partners should be seen a greater. It means they have even more ways to fuck up the relationship. They have the responsibility to ensure that their safety practices are impeccable so as to not endanger their partners.
The fact that people use it as anything more than a description of the mechanism of a physical act is awful and dangerous. It has lead so many people to believe that my partner is "more dedicated" to me because of a lack of barriers. Unfortunately, from what I have seen and experienced, it just means they are more thoughtless and selfish. (Possibly manipulative. But that could just be past experience talking)

What do you use fluid-bonded or barrier-free sex to mean?

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