once again wishing that shitty people would physically not be able to write music


The trans girl <-> boob reassurance squeeze

Queer update: Unsurprisingly, I'm feeling persistently queer.

Lewd. Crying. Adhd brain. Depression 

@Adriftinme sweetheart, i am so sorry <3...

You need hugs and snuggles

Lewd. Crying. Adhd brain. Depression 

I can't wait until I can maybe masturbate and not breakdown crying 2 minutes in because my adhd/depression brain kicks in to remind me I hate myself and my body and everyone hates me and blargh!

A most gentlemanly refrain of universal utility.

Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq "I've No More Fucks to Give":


I love my girlfriend sometimes she comes in the room and spends like 5 minutes ranting about the premiere league while I get more confused until she ends up angrily calling her mom and the rant back and forth while I lie in bed and click funny anime game buttons

she's very good I love her

There's something about medium to high quality audio gear that just makes them look and feel really nice compared to other tech

me: I think I'll go outside today and carve the holes into the new case I got for my blue box.

extension cord: <cut though by accident>

also me: Oh, well.

Thank you! Personally I do have my own personal traumas and even seeing people getting mocked and ridiculed makes my blood boil.

(Also I'd like to remind ppl in here that if they see such behavior, please report it to your admins)

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