food musing 

I am told that some people order subs that aren't the Obscenely Large Monstrosity with All the Stuff On It sandwich from sub shops

When you have white folks lamenting the removal of Confederate statues
"because it's history" while simultaneously calling for the censorship of Black history in school curriculum, it becomes abundantly
clear. They're not in favor of history. They're in favor white supremacy.


Bet you thought this was gonna say "weed time" huh? Gotcha sucker. It is in fact, ice cream time

if you're in your late 20s and your friend group isn't discussing:

- the nature of change
- that nature is change
- the impermanence of all things
- rice cookers

find new friends

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Getting old, mh- 

Me: I think I can sleep a bit longer

Brain: Wait wait, let's fixate on this existential dread instead

Me: Ah yes, that's very helpful, thank you

fellas is it gay to write a book with a male protagonist? ur literally bringing a man to a climax

They should make HRT that turns you into a robot

Did you know that we published the world's first trans-inclusive sexuality guide for kids in #Yiddish?

Zay Getray Zikh Aleyn (You Be You), by Jonathan Branfman, illustrated by Julie Benbassat, translated into contemporary Chasidic Yiddish by Lili Rosen!

#Bookstodon #Kidlit #TransBooks #LGBTQIA #LGBT #Queer #Trans #Mazeldon #JewishBooks #Jewish

oooo there are things happening to

you cant see any of them but there are things

Zootopia is copaganda for furries.

I heard this years ago on the fedi.

Ezri: I thought you said if I was honest with you there was nothing I could do to scare you off.
Kira: I was wrong.

whenever I hear crackling noises anywhere in the room my favorite thing to do is to say "thermal expansion!"

You may DM me unsolicited plushie pictures <3 (yes, this is a paradox)

Remembered I'm an adult and I can have hot chocolate whenever I want.

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