i love wearing a mask no one knows how to gender me, you can hear their voice tremble

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If you can help with $20 for our safety, it would mean the world to us! 🥺


Our current goal is $1300, every Like, RT, & Comment helps us stay safe! 💗

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my gender is very toony, like bugs bunny toony but girl

right wingers complaining about ps5 scalping and then going on to defend landlords

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One of the owners of this account was deemed terminally ill recently. We can’t be homeless. We need $900 to make rent. On top of that, we’ll need essentials and food for the month. PLEASE RT!! ko-fi.com/doughnutsadventures

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cis people love to decide what's not transphobic

I have been trying to get a GPS module working with my arduino for like 5 hours

in the cartoon infinity train the fact that reflections have their own carriage probably means that hell and heaven are also just carriages on the train

i had a dream where gps devices couldnt work unless they're colored blue, no one knows why it only works when colored blue but its just the only way it works

how did anyone play minecraft without watching a video first (pre the crafting book update) like how was anyone supposed to figure out anything by themselves

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hey we're a incomeless system trying to pay for our own hrt due to medical gatekeeping and waiting lists. please consider donating or retweeting if u cant donate
anything at all is much appreciated 💚🧡

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my driving teacher acts like I'm supposed to already know how to drive

needing to pay platinum (premium currency) to change my name in warframe is transphobic


i find it funny when people who are anti diy hrt are like "how are you gonna interpret your levels and know if anything is wrong" because endocrinologists dont know how to either

the aliexpress algorithm is so fucked it just keeps suggesting me motors and water pumps like out of 100 suggestion items only 3 of them arent motors or water pumps

whats happening to lesbians now, a thread

i saw a minority ): this is oppression

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