you're not only not a trans ally, you're transphobic.

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you are not a trans ally in any way if you odon't support trans kids. this isn't an opinion its a fact you're simply not an ally if you don't support trans kids right to transitioning including medically if they so wish

literally never seen any trans man thinks about transitioning to "escape the hardships of being a woman"

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i have never seen a trans person say or even imply becoming a trans man lets you escape "female problems" as terfs like call it


I got suspended, I'll appeal it and see if I can get unsuspended but until I know if I'll be unsuspended this will be my main. RT so my former mutuals can see pls


anyone has the graph thats seperated into 4 sections that shows no country saved the economy by sacrificing people?

RT Pearl is arguably a person who exists[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]


i really need a new pinned tweet if you tweet about me ill consider pinning that

exclusionists can die mad but all labels are umbrella terms including lesbian

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