oh my goddd i cant stop procrastinating helppppppp

fucked up that being paid to be stupid requires you to be right wing

not being a cartoon character dysphoria

it's so weird when I remember most people don't pirate everything

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merry xmas/eve to those who celebrate it ! the best present i could ever receive would be a body i’m at home in, so in the spirit of giving, pls consider donating so a Black disabled queer (me lol) can start hrt ❤️

c & v: peonychar

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the adhd + depression combo that makes it so literally nothing is ever fun

squid game for first graders, don't know your abcs? you fucking die, that's what happens when you don't fucking listen in class

because I was on my E bike on the side walk by the train
where so many people are on them

the cop looked so fucking stereotypical and tried to act so tough

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google dropped its "Dont be evil" moto because its bigoted towards girlbosses

most hormone clinics are so fucked honestly prescribing 2mg estrogen should be classified as medical negligence

at the train station at 5:30 in the morning I hate everything

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