I have become powerful quick someone cancel me before I do something stupid

Me myself an I are fucking idiots lol

Gender but on a horseshoe theory model.

There's actually 0 difference between male and female.

Since private property will not exist under communism that means tops will have to constantly use their bottoms otherwise their bottoms will be seized and become public property.

Since in ftm srs they take some skin from the inside of your mouth that means every thrust is a suck no I will not elaborate

The femur breaker

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Is this the radical centrism I've been hearing about?

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i just saw the dress they are going with and omg i am so gay help aaaaaaa

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Also I'm walking a ball tonight and I'm hyped!!
Can't believe I'm doing this sober

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this is a subtweet about an irl thing that happened today

Being demi means thots have no power over me I have ascended

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RT, a thread.


Truscum Ideologies are inherently Racist, Transphobic, Biphobic, Homophobic, Lesbophobic, Enbyphobic, Aphobic, Arophobic, LGBTphobic, Contradictory etc.


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Being demi means thots have no power over me I have acceded

made new demigender flags!

i hated the original ones (and it was a big reason i refused to accept i was a demigirl) so i made my own!

the color dispersing represents the demi of it as you're only part of that gender and not it fully.

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