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Thread, Link to tinder blog, questions by cishet, doubts, fantasies, definitions of bisex 

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Introduction, long, cishet maybe bisex 

Fellow admins of the Fediverse, you should consider blocking, instance-wide and immediately.
Kiwi Farms is a far right online forum dedicated to harassment, doxxing and gaslighting. They are *very* dangerous. Some of their favorite target have been harassed by them for years and they love to target vulnerable people.
They opened a Pleroma instance some months ago. Suspend them and be careful.

"When queer people use gender-neutral pronouns, we aren’t trying to confuse people or make their lives difficult. We’re simply asking for the small acknowledgement that identity does not stop at his and hers, just as facial hair does not define manhood."

They're selling these at the Renaissance Festival and I'm in love

very validating to walk in some random store and get read as a woman by the owner, the other customers having a conversation, etc. i've come a long way but these little moments still really get me

So I am learning some unfortunate news --- many Trans people in UK believe GenderGP no longer around or providing HRT support. God, fuck the Media and TERFs they really managed to get people to believe.

I don't know how to prove to her they are still providing support.

Currently searching the literature to see if the phytochemical found in citrus oils related to the one that causes the grapefruit effect (so a Furanocoumurin) which causes photosensitive rash and is an suspected carcinogen and mutagen whether it has a biphasic dose response (aka hormesis).

I'm wondering if tiny doses like maybe the miniscule dose you get with lemon flavoured tea might set off signals that transcribe the necessary enzymes and proteins to defend against such toxins or whether it is a non-hormesis effect where you don't have to worry about the small dose because the effect is small but it is still harmful with increased doses causing greater harm.

If anyone has links to a DOI of an article on the topic please share also if you find one on Furanocoumurins activating Nrf2 (a transcription factor) I'm also looking for such as Nrf2 is involved in transcribing proteins involved in antioxidant defense, and toxin resistance.

Hi today is international day of queer self love!! Make sure to love yourselves 💖❤️ I know it's difficult for a lot of us but I think we owe it to ourselves and each other to try <3 our love is radical and powerful, let's make a beautiful world out of it!!!

Bird Site; Might Be NSFW 

Authenticating a video showing hundreds of kneeling people in shackles and blindfolds on a Chinese railroad platform (via

The whole "idealistic, ambitious young man with skills" thing really only works well for white dudes.

When you're black it usually just gets you fired.

Fake Feminist TERF instnace co-founder talks about our organizing against their #Gab spinoff 

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Fake Feminist TERF instnace co-founder talks about our organizing against their #Gab spinoff 

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the smallest & cruelest lie that capitalism has ingrained in this country is that "choice" is more important than justice, equality, access, compassion

I'm really horny for this. Please, don't kinkshame me :blob_cat_blush:

@nvsr @isolategab That's because of the massive work to keep Gab out of the Fediverse. You're welcome.

@murks no, they all followed the posix idea of putting that stuff in one reserved place, like /dev

Windows decided to keep special reserved names in every single directory, with all file extensions.

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